Ancient Egyptian Emotional Healing

Get To The Heart of Your Issue

Release the unhealthy negative emotions that cause you to feel down and hold you back in life.

Unresolved emotional hurts don’t just disappear! They are stored in the body, often causing suffering and ill health.

Negative emotions have to be flushed out or they are suppressed /pushed deeper down in the body where they ‘snowball.’ They influence and intensify how you react to all sorts of triggers.

Hahnemann Healing offers a deep, powerful yet peaceful release of these trapped emotions, even those buried deep in the sub-conscious. It can assist your body to detoxify associated trapped toxins and free up your wasted energy.

By healing the cause of emotional issues, rather than learning to just cope or survive with the symptoms, you may experience greater freedom, joy, fulfilment & growth.

Ancient Egyptian Physical Healing

Get To The Heart of Your Issue

Concomitant Healing is an Ancient Egyptian form of   physical healing. It is an incredibly powerful healing modality which can fix physical problems caused by overuse, injury, degeneration or emotional issues, in a very direct and quick manner. 

Pressure and energy is applied to a series of precise body points using the thumb or index finger. Clients come from a Concomitant session feeling immediate benefits and revitalised, ready to face life again.

Concomitant means 'one follows the other' and this describes the healing process. It follows the points in the body holding pain that affect the injured area.  Hence, a total physical healing experience occurs, not just in the injured region.

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