Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling intervenes in a person’s thought process, giving an understanding of their actions and reactions. It offers another belief system to deal with life’s issues.

Traditional Counselling is flawed because it relies heavily on a client being able to come up with solutions to their own problems. This rarely happens and if it did, the client would have no need for Counselling.


Medium Readings

At different times in lifwe can all feel uncertain or lose direction and become unsure of how to move forward. Let's explore where you may be stuck or blocking what is meant for you. Understand why a negative pattern may be repeating.

Find out how to achieve the growth and happiness you seek. You may receive messages from former loved ones and ask any question troubling you.



Hahnemann (Emotional) Healing

Heal the root cause of emotional issues, not the symptoms. Unresolved negative emotions don’t just disappear over time. You suppress/push them deeper down in your body where they 'snowball,' often causing suffering and ill health. This influences and intensifies how you react to all sorts of triggers in life.

"It is only in the lifting of the emotional heaviness that layer by layer, the body can shed its physical ailments. Hahnemann Healing is the only type of healing in the world today that can extract such specific emotional disturbances from the body and replace them with positive emotions so you can change the way you are coping with and dealing with your life." Kristian Hahnemann


Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling can trace negative behavioural patterns to their origin, to identify the real cause of your issue, where it began in your life, and offer you the choice to break free of a negative pattern. 

Traditional Counselling is flawed because it relies heavily on a client being able to come up with solutions to their own problem. This rarely happens and if it did, the client would have no need to consult a Counsellor.

About Fleur


I have always had a passion for helping people. After completing studies including a Master's Degree from Monash University Caulfield, I specialised in three key areas to extend my ability to do this, especially for those with a spiritual interest.

I offer Medium Readings, Spiritual Counselling, and Emotional Healing in a confidential, honest, direct, and caring way for greater clarity, purpose, and direction and to experience more harmony, positivity, deep connection, and love in your life. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information or to book an appointment.


  • "You need someone whom you feel safe with, who has knowledge, empathy and understanding. Fleur has been that person for me. Her amazing insights with Spiritual Counselling along with regular Emotional Healing have helped me to confront and move through many emotional blocks that were impairing my overall growth. Her Guided Meditations are inspiring and illuminating, assisting me to connect to the inner guidance that has always been there for me. If you wish your life to be more fulfilling and loving then I recommend you give Fleur a call and make change happen. It won’t always be comfortable but it will be life changing."

    Jennifer Aldermann

  • "I personally can highly recommend the services provided by Fleur Healey at Uplift Wellbeing Centre. Whether it be receiving the powerful, emotional release energy work of Hahnemann Healing, in-depth Spiritual Counselling, or attending weekly Guided Meditations, all leave me feeling uplifted and fulfilled, gaining a greater sense of joy in my life. Embarking on a Counselling journey with Fleur and receiving healings along the way has been such a gift to self. A journey of self-discovery, empowerment and personal and spiritual growth which has freed me to walk my true path…Much appreciation."

    Allison Dew

  • "Fleur’s abilities in Medium Readings are an incredible gift and the Meditation sessions are worth travelling distance for, as I’d heard they were. Wow!!"

    Betsy Sue

  • "I have known Fleur for a few years now and have found her always to be very professional, kind and caring. I received my first reading from Fleur when I was 16 years old which gave me valuable insight into the struggles I was having, which helped guide me to positively move forward. I have also received Counselling and Hahnemann healing which has emotionally benefitted me, increasing my self belief and releasing fears that I have held onto. Concomitant healing has been great for releasing the physical pain that I experience from my sport."

    Mollie Radford

  • "I can thoroughly recommend the kind and thoughtful services provided by Fleur Healey at Uplift Wellbeing Centre. Personal issues are frequently complex and multi-faceted but Fleur counsels in a wise, empathetic and supportive manner. Transformative tools are suggested that readily resonate and can be applied in your daily life. A very patient and compassionate counsellor who encourages exploration of existing perceptions. Thank you Fleur."

    Andrea Fisk

  • "Fleur is an amazing counsellor, healer and trainer. She's helped me greatly get through some tough times with Counselling and Hahnemann Healing. She also inspired me, and trained me, to become a Hahnemann Healer. I trust Fleur and highly recommend her. She doesn't just make you feel better, she helps you solve the problem."

    Olivia White

  • "Fleur is an incredible Counsellor who helped me to get to the cause of my concerns and to understand where they came from and how I could change them. Teamed with her powerful healing, I moved through my negativity quickly and felt like a new wiser, clearer and stronger version of myself. Previously I had seen a Psychologist for many months and felt frustrated as the therapy felt superficial to me as it was more focused on how to deal with the problems. It wasn’t digging deep to where the problems began and helping me to change them. Fleur’s Spiritual Counselling made much more sense to me and allowed me to really face myself and my behaviour. I can’t recommend Fleur highly enough!"

    Astrid Minzenmay

  • "I would highly recommend seeing Fleur. Not only does she give you clarity on parts of yourself you have been trying to work on by yourself without any luck, but she gives you the support and guidance you need to overcome your challenges successfully. Fleur’s level of patience, understanding and the way she helps you grow and learn is profound.

    She is professional, patient and clearly cares about helping her clients become the best version of themselves. Do yourself a favour and reach out to her :)"

    Jessica Carter

  • "I first came across Fleur a couple of years ago during a very challenging period in my life. Fleur has always provided me with guidance from a place of authenticity and truth to get to the core of the issue in the form of reading & counselling sessions. Together we have looked at how to release negative patterns from the past to move forward in a positive way to achieve more peace and happiness. I could not recommend Fleur enough. I have always walked away from sessions truly feeling better and with more clarity. The work that she does is profound and life-changing. Fleur is highly skilled & the sessions are genuinely transformative."



Ancient Egyptian Healing Training 
Starts June 9th, 2024 

8 Day Accredited Course
Learn To Release Negative Emotions and Increase Love

    • Develop and grow your ability to heal.
    • Heal the negative emotions that hold you back so you can become more loving.
    • Increase your spiritual knowledge & growth.
    • Professionally or personally practice this powerful, specialist healing modality.
    • The ability to heal an extensive range of emotional issues to help adults and children. For example, anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-worth, anger, rejection, avoidance, fear, inability to express, a need to please, lack of self-love, grief & loss.

Live A Loving Spiritual Life
May 2024. Please register interest - online or in person.

Two days of deep, pure spiritual knowledge and wisdom from the most spiritually advanced time in our history - Ancient Egypt. 
  • Explore your purpose.
  • Understand why you're drawn to certain people.
  • Learn exactly what happens after you die.
  • Learn where your intuition comes from.
  • Explore the role of loved ones who have passed.
  • Understand karma and how it changes your life.
  • Explore the role of your own guides.
  • Explore how much free will you have in your life.
  • All your questions answered

Contact Fleur

Uplift Wellbeing Centre, Fleur Healey

Ph. 0458 010 474 or
3/9 Railway Grove Mornington, VIC 3931