Healing Training To Release Negative Emotions and Increase Love

Hahnemann Healing is a deep, powerful and uplifting Ancient Egyptian specialisation of energy healing. It was taught in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Ancient Egypt for hundreds of years. It is a more concentrated and specialised form of healing than Reiki. Hahnemann Healing is the only type of healing in the world today able to target and release specific emotional issues! It offers the potential for transformative change and optimal health.

Hahnemann Healers are trained in the tradition of the Ancient Egyptian Schools of Learning to direct healing energy to precise points on the body using light finger touch and specific colour. This is done to release negative emotions that have been suppressed or repressed in the body, so they can be replaced by love. For example, anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-worth, anger, rejection, avoidance, fear, inability to express yourself, a need to please, lack of self-love, grief & loss (to name just a few), and can cause disruption and ill-health. There are also points that can help you face life and move forward with strength such as hope, hormonal balance, clarity and self-worth. 

In this course you will...
n ancient spiritual wisdom from the Ancient Egyptian Schools Learning (also known as The Mystery Schools); 
 Learn how to heal a wide range of emotional issues to help babies, children, and adults;
Receive healing for the negative emotions holding you back from becoming more loving;
Develop and grow your ability to heal using this specialisation of emotional healing;
• Free a body to release retained emotional pain, sometimes over a number of sessions as more and more layers are peeled away;
• Become fully equipped to professionally or personally practice this powerful, specialist healing modality.

On the first day of the training course you will receive a Hahnemann Healing Guide who will remain with you for the rest of your life. They have been trained in Hahnemann Healing as conducted in the Ancient Egyptian Schools of Learning. We will return there in meditation to better harness this energy from inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and build our connection with them. This is a powerful healing modality for deep emotional release.

The total course training cost for your 6 days is $1200 (+gst) and can be paid in instalments. An additional $125 cost to cover your accreditation and complete level 1 e-manual with all your healing points is paid directly to Hahnemann Healing P/L as your deposit prior to starting the course. You will receive new healing points throughout the course to add to your e-manual. Your e-manual is compatible across all your electronic devices.

You will be fully prepared to practice, officially certified and able to be fully insured as a Hahnemann Healing Practitioner at the end of your 6 days.

In addition to being fully qualified and certified at the end of this course at level 1, if you would like to further your healing, the opportunity to re-accredit to level 2 Hahnemann Healing is available after 12 months via one further training day. Free monthly ongoing support is given and optional healing days are made available quarterly. 


Course Dates:

October 23rd Start date 10am - 5pm

To secure your place please pay your Accreditation Fee to Hahnemann Healing P/L  BSB: 633 000 ACC: 143 349 546 (reference name). Your course cost can be paid in six daily instalments to Uplift Wellbeing Bsb: 633 000 Account: 146 456 850.

Your Training is held at and accredited by Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning - MIP 21/1140 Nepean Highway Mornington.

In addition to being fully qualified and certified at the end of this course at level 1, a re-accreditation day for level 2 Hahnemann Healing is available after 12 months. Ongoing support is available.